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Prestige collections
Since it was founded in 1962, Forme + Confort has sought out furniture of uncompromisingly pure design. Three floors of exhibition space are given over exclusively to genuine designer furniture and lighting. For almost five decades our prestigious collections have been attracting art lovers and connoisseurs of quality finish and clean lines. Forme + Confort represents the most renowned names in international design, from New York to Berlin, Milano to Tokyo.

Showcase or art gallery?
Step over the threshold into a world of refinement. Grouped by theme, objects are set off against an elegant, understated background – such as the Le Corbusier space – designed to inspire the visitor. Take a tour of discovery through the permanent exhibition of Forme + Confort as you would through an art gallery. Indeed, the outstanding permanent exhibition is regularly complemented by the works of talented young Swiss creators and designers.

The price of beauty need not be prohibitive
Pieces of furniture by renowned designers are frequently veritable works of art, but it is a misconception that they are necessarily exorbitantly priced. What is more, acquiring a piece of designer furniture is a long-term investment in timelessness and quality. Enhance and transform your surroundings with a touch of design – a lamp, a bookcase or perhaps a chair.